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Redemption Fee Schedule & Warrant Prices

The BRG Series B Preferred Stock & Warrants CUSIP and Redemption Fee Schedules are updated every two weeks.
Please refer to the Closing Calendar to see the schedule for the calendar year.

CUSIP & Issue DateRedemption Fee Schedule
CUSIP #Issue Date13%10%10%5%3%0%
09627U 6023/8/193/8/193/8/203/8/213/8/223/8/233/8/24
09627U 5032/22/192/22/192/22/202/22/212/22/222/22/232/22/24
09627U 4042/8/192/8/192/8/202/8/212/8/222/8/232/8/24
09627U 3051/25/191/25/191/25/201/25/211/25/221/25/231/25/24
09627U 2061/11/191/11/191/11/201/11/211/11/221/11/231/11/24
09627P 57912/21/1812/21/1812/21/1912/21/2012/21/2112/21/2212/21/23
09627P 58712/7/1812/7/1812/7/1912/7/2012/7/2112/7/2212/7/23
09627P 59511/16/1811/16/1811/16/1911/16/2011/16/2111/16/2211/16/23
09627P 61111/2/1811/2/1811/2/1911/2/2011/2/2111/2/2211/2/23
09627P 62910/19/1810/19/1810/19/1910/19/2010/19/2110/19/2210/19/23
09627P 63710/5/1810/5/1810/5/1910/5/2010/5/2110/5/2210/5/23
09627P 6459/21/189/21/189/21/199/21/209/21/219/21/229/21/23
09627P 6529/7/189/7/189/7/199/7/209/7/219/7/229/7/23
09627P 6608/24/188/24/188/24/198/24/208/24/218/24/228/24/23
09627P 6788/10/188/10/188/10/198/10/208/10/218/10/228/10/23
09627P 6867/27/187/27/187/27/197/27/207/27/217/27/227/27/23
09627P 6947/13/187/13/187/13/197/13/207/13/217/13/227/13/23
09627P 7106/22/186/22/186/22/196/22/206/22/216/22/226/22/23
09627P 7286/8/186/8/186/8/196/8/206/8/216/8/226/8/23
09627P 7365/25/185/25/185/25/195/25/205/25/215/25/225/25/23
09627P 7445/11/185/11/185/11/195/11/205/11/215/11/225/11/23
09627P 7514/27/184/27/184/27/194/27/204/27/214/27/224/27/23
09627P 7694/13/184/13/184/13/194/13/204/13/214/13/224/13/23
09627P 7773/23/183/23/183/23/193/23/203/23/213/23/223/23/23
09627P 7853/9/183/9/183/9/193/9/203/9/213/9/223/9/23
09627P 7932/23/182/23/182/23/192/23/202/23/212/23/222/23/23
09627P 8192/9/182/9/182/9/192/9/202/9/212/9/222/9/23
09627P 8271/26/181/26/181/26/191/26/201/26/211/26/221/26/23
09627P 8351/12/181/12/181/12/191/12/201/12/211/12/221/12/23
09627P 84312/29/1712/29/1712/29/1812/29/1912/29/2012/29/2112/29/22
09627P 85012/15/1712/15/1712/15/1812/15/1912/15/2012/15/2112/15/22
09627P 86811/30/1711/30/1711/30/1811/30/1911/30/2011/30/2111/30/22
09627P 87611/15/1711/15/1711/15/1811/15/1911/15/2011/15/2111/15/22
09627P 88410/27/1710/27/1710/27/1810/27/1910/27/2010/27/2110/27/22
09627P 80110/13/1710/13/1710/13/1810/13/1910/13/2010/13/2110/13/22
09627P 7029/29/179/27/179/27/189/27/199/27/209/27/219/27/22
09627P 6039/15/179/15/179/15/189/15/199/15/209/15/219/15/22
09627P 5048/30/178/30/178/30/188/30/198/30/208/30/218/30/22
09627P 4058/15/178/15/178/15/188/15/198/15/208/15/218/15/22
09627P 3067/28/177/28/177/28/187/28/197/28/207/28/217/28/22
09627P 2077/14/177/14/177/14/187/14/197/14/207/14/217/14/22
09627J 5246/30/176/30/176/30/186/30/196/30/206/30/216/30/22
09627J 5326/16/176/16/176/16/186/16/196/16/206/16/216/16/22
09627J 5405/30/175/30/175/30/185/30/195/30/205/30/215/30/22
09627J 5575/15/175/15/175/15/185/15/195/15/205/15/215/15/22
09627J 5654/28/174/28/174/28/184/28/194/28/204/28/214/28/22
09627J 5734/13/174/13/174/13/184/13/194/13/204/13/214/13/22
09627J 5813/24/173/24/173/24/183/24/193/24/203/24/213/24/22
09627J 5993/10/173/10/173/10/183/10/193/10/203/10/213/10/22
09627J 6152/24/172/24/172/24/182/24/192/24/202/24/212/24/22
09627J 6232/10/172/10/172/10/182/10/192/10/202/10/212/10/22
09627J 6311/27/171/27/171/27/181/27/191/27/201/27/211/27/22
09627J 6491/13/171/13/171/13/181/13/191/13/201/13/211/13/22
09627J 66412/29/1612/29/1612/29/1712/29/1812/29/1912/29/2012/29/21
09627J 67212/16/1612/16/1612/16/1712/16/1812/16/1912/16/2012/16/21
09627J 68012/2/1612/2/1612/2/1712/2/1812/2/1912/2/2012/2/21
09627J 69811/18/1611/18/1611/18/1711/18/1811/18/1911/18/2011/18/21
09627J 71411/4/1611/4/1611/4/1711/4/1811/4/1911/4/2011/4/21
09627J 72210/21/1610/21/1610/21/1710/21/1810/21/1910/21/2010/21/21
09627J 73010/7/1610/7/1610/7/1710/7/1810/7/1910/7/2010/7/21
09627J 7559/23/169/23/169/23/179/23/189/23/199/23/209/23/21
09627J 7639/9/169/9/169/9/179/9/189/9/199/9/209/9/21
09627J 7718/26/168/26/168/26/178/26/188/26/198/26/208/26/21
09627J 7898/12/168/12/168/12/178/12/188/12/198/12/208/12/21
09627J 7977/29/167/29/167/29/177/29/187/29/197/29/207/29/21
09627J 8137/15/167/15/167/15/177/15/187/15/197/15/207/15/21
09627J 8217/1/167/1/167/1/177/1/187/1/197/1/207/1/21
09627J 8396/17/166/17/166/17/176/17/186/17/196/17/206/17/21
09627J 8476/3/166/3/166/3/176/3/186/3/196/3/206/3/21
09627J 8545/20/165/20/165/20/175/20/185/20/195/20/205/20/21
09627J 8625/6/165/6/165/6/175/6/185/6/195/6/205/6/21
09627J 8704/22/164/22/164/22/174/22/184/22/194/22/204/22/21
09627J 8054/8/164/8/164/8/174/8/184/8/194/8/204/8/21
CUSIP #Issue DateInitial Exercise DateExpiration DatePer Share Exercise Price
09627U 1563/8/193/8/203/8/23$12.59
09627U 1492/22/192/22/202/22/23$12.45
09627U 1312/8/192/8/202/8/23$12.38
09627U 1231/25/191/25/201/25/23$11.67
09627U 1151/11/191/11/201/11/23$11.55
09627P 49612/21/1812/21/1912/21/22$11.43
09627P 48812/7/1812/7/1912/7/22$10.92
09627P 47011/16/1811/16/1911/16/22$11.05
09627P 46211/2/1811/2/1911/2/22$10.98
09627P 45410/19/1810/19/1910/19/22$11.31
09627P 44710/5/1810/5/1910/5/22$11.78
09627P 4399/21/189/21/199/21/22$11.84
09627P 4219/7/189/7/199/7/22$11.70
09627P 4138/24/188/24/198/24/22$11.36
09627P 3978/10/188/10/198/10/22$11.02
09627P 3897/27/187/27/197/27/22$10.85
09627P 3717/13/187/13/197/13/22$10.82
09627P 3636/22/186/22/196/22/22$10.80
09627P 3556/8/186/8/196/8/22$10.70
09627P 3485/25/185/25/195/25/22$10.81
09627P 3305/11/185/11/195/11/22$10.67
09627P 3224/27/184/27/194/27/22$10.38
09627P 3144/13/184/13/194/13/22$10.16
09627P 2983/23/183/23/193/23/22$10.00
09627P 2803/9/183/9/193/9/22$10.00
09627P 2722/23/182/23/192/23/22$10.00
09627P 2642/9/182/9/192/9/22$10.42
09627P 2561/26/181/26/191/26/22$11.41
09627P 2491/12/181/12/191/12/22$11.91
09627P 23112/29/1712/29/1812/29/21$12.48
09627P 22312/15/1712/15/1812/15/21$13.15
09627P 21511/30/1711/30/1811/30/21$13.60
09627P 19911/15/1711/15/1811/15/21$13.70
09627P 18110/27/1710/27/1810/27/21$13.69
09627P 17310/13/1710/13/1810/13/21$13.00
09627P 1659/27/179/27/189/27/21$12.47
09627P 1579/15/179/15/189/15/21$12.26
09627P 1408/30/178/30/188/30/21$12.82
09627P 1328/15/178/15/188/15/21$13.87
09627P 1247/28/177/28/187/28/21$15.89
09627P 1167/14/177/14/187/14/21$15.57
09627J 4666/30/176/30/186/30/21$15.54
09627J 4586/16/176/16/186/16/21$15.18
09627J 4415/30/175/30/185/30/21$15.21
09627J 4335/15/175/15/185/15/21$15.13
09627J 4254/28/174/28/184/28/21$15.08
09627J 4174/13/174/13/184/13/21$14.66
09627J 3913/24/173/24/183/24/21$14.46
09627J 3833/10/173/10/183/10/21$15.27
09627J 3752/24/172/24/182/24/21$15.70
09627J 3672/10/172/10/182/10/21$15.74
09627J 3591/27/171/27/181/27/21$15.90
09627J 3421/13/171/13/181/13/21$15.99
09627J 33412/29/1612/29/1712/29/20$15.61
09627J 32612/16/1612/16/1712/16/20$15.52
09627J 31812/2/1612/2/1712/2/20$15.25
09627J 29211/18/1611/18/1711/18/20$15.06
09627J 28411/4/1611/4/1711/4/20$14.89
09627J 27610/21/1610/21/1710/21/20$15.10
09627J 26810/7/1610/7/1710/7/20$15.44
09627J 2509/23/169/23/179/23/20$15.82
09627J 2439/9/169/9/179/9/20$16.25
09627J 2358/26/168/26/178/26/20$16.28
09627J 2278/12/168/12/178/12/20$16.10
09627J 2197/29/167/29/177/29/20$15.68
09627J 1937/15/167/15/177/15/20$15.14
09627J 1857/1/167/1/177/1/20$14.80
09627J 1776/17/166/17/176/17/20$14.34
09627J 1696/3/166/3/176/3/20$14.06
09627J 1515/20/165/20/175/20/20$13.79
09627J 1445/6/165/6/175/6/20$13.24
09627J 1364/22/164/22/174/22/20$13.11
09627J 1284/8/164/8/174/8/20$12.18

Sales Desk: 877.826.BLUE (2583)  /  Investor Relations: 888.558.1031

Risk Factors & Disclosures

The security investment described herein relates solely to BRG’s Series B Preferred Stock and Warrants, non-traded securities of BRG which have not been listed on any national exchange. The risks and rewards of investing in the Series B Preferred Shares and Warrants are separate and distinct from an investment in BRG’s common stock listed on the NYSE American.

An investment in Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. (“BRG”) involves a high degree of risk. See the “Risk Factors” sections of the Prospectus Supplement and the accompanying Prospectus for a discussion of material risks related to an investment in our Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock and Warrants, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • There is limited liquidity and no public market for the Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock or Warrants and we do not intend to list them on a securities exchange.
  • If our Class A common stock is no longer listed on the NYSE American or another national securities exchange, we would be required to terminate the offering and could result in our raising gross proceeds substantially less than if the maximum offering is sold.
  • Distributions paid from sources other than cash flow or funds from operations may constitute a return of capital and reduce investor returns. Rates of distribution to you may not be indicative of our operating results.
  • We make no guarantee that we will make distributions.
  • We established the offering price for the Units pursuant to negotiations among us and our affiliated dealer manager. As a result, the actual value of your investment may be substantially less than what you pay.
  • Our management has broad discretion over the use of proceeds from the offering of the Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock and Warrants, and investors will not be able to evaluate the economic or other merits of our investments made with such proceeds prior to our making them.
  • There are substantial conflicts of interest between us and our affiliates, including conflicts arising out of allocation of personnel to our activities, allocation of investment opportunities between us and investment vehicles of our affiliates, the purchase or sale of apartment properties, that might result in investment decisions that are not in the best interests of our stockholders.
  • Upon the sale of any individual property, holders of Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock generally do not have a priority over holders of our common stock regarding return of capital.
  • Our charter contains various restrictions on the ownership and transfer of our securities.
  • After three years from the date of original issuance, we will be able to redeem the outstanding shares of Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock, without your consent, at 100% of the Stated Value per share, plus any accrued and unpaid dividends.
  • If we experience significant liquidity problems, we may not be able to fulfill our obligation to redeem Series B preferred stock when submitted for redemption.
  • Maintenance of our exemption from registration under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and our REIT qualification impose significant limitations on our operations.
  • Holders of the Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock will have no voting rights or control over changes in our policies and operations. Our board of directors may approve changes to our policies without your approval.
  • Our qualification as a REIT depends upon our satisfaction of numerous regulatory limitations and qualifications.
  • We may fail to maintain our qualification as a REIT, which would result in higher taxes for us and reduced cash available for distribution to our stockholders.

Offering Expenses: In connection with the offering, BRG will pay selling commissions, dealer manager fee, and other offering expenses. Please see the Prospectus for a description of the offering expenses related to the offering.

BRG has filed a registration statement on Form S-3 (the “Registration Statement”) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), including a prospectus (the “Prospectus”), with respect to the securities we may offer and sell from time to time, and has further filed with the SEC a prospectus supplement relating to the offering of the Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock and the Warrants (the “Prospectus Supplement”). A copy of the Prospectus Supplement and the accompanying Prospectus must be made available to you in connection with the offering of the Series B Redeemable Preferred Stock and the Warrants, and must be read in conjunction with these materials in order fully understand the risks of an investment in the offering.